Project Background

NPDC Project Background

During the seven-year funding cycle, the NPDC expanded to include a number of resources that were used and revised in our work with 12 states and with individual programs, practitioners, students, and families in those states. These resources included practice briefs that contain summaries of each of the original 24 evidence-based practices (EBPs) identified in 2007, citations on the research that was used to determine their efficacy, and steps and checklists for implementation of each EBP, as well as sample resources for their implementation.

Other resources developed and available on this site include coaching resources and scientific reports.

In 2014, the NPDC continued the work completed in 2007 and identified 27 EBPs (Wong et al., 2014; 2015). 

From the 27 EBPs identified, the NPDC developed online modules, called the Autism Focused-Intervention Resources and Modules (AFIRM).  Overall, AFIRM users find the AFIRM modules and resources to be high-quality, useful, and relevant to their work with learners with ASD (Sam et al., 2019).

We are pleased that the National Clearinghouse for Autism Evidence and Practice (NCAEP) is continuing our work.

Online self-paced learning modules that were developed for the original 24 EBPs identified in 2007 are currently located at Autism Internet Modules.