AFIRM: Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules

The NPDC created online modules for each of the 27 evidence-based practices identified in the 2014 NPDC review. The modules are called Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules (AFIRM).

Each module will guide the learner through how to use the practice by focusing on the three specific steps of

  1. planning,
  2. using, and
  3. monitoring.

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Real World Application of Evidence-Based Practices for Student Outcomes: Certification in the NPDC Model

In this interactive two-day training, participants will learn how the National Professional Development Center on Autism (NPDC) model supports program quality, use of evidence-based practices, and goal attainment for autistic students in preschool through high school settings. This online training is designed for professionals who work with autistic students across school ages. The information shared is relevant for early career and experienced teachers, related service providers, paraeducators, coaches/technical assistance providers, and administrators. The strategies discussed can be used in both inclusive and separate settings.

This two-day virtual training will include information on:

  1. the NPDC model
  2. program quality for autistic students,
  3. selecting and scaling goals to monitor student progress (Goal Attainment Scaling),
  4. understanding and selecting evidence-based practices to address a goal,
  5. implementing foundational evidence-based practices to address key areas of need for autistic students (e.g., independence and adaptive skills, social-communication needs, school readiness and academics, and interfering behaviors)
  6. developing an action plan to enhance quality and the use of evidence-based practices in their setting

Training will include both didactic instruction and small group discussion. Participants must leave cameras on and complete a brief survey to obtain CEUs and a Certification in the NPDC Model.


Additional Available Resources

NCAEP is a continuation of the evidence review that was completed by the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (NPDC) which included research published through 2011. We will review research studies published in the last six years (2012-2017) which examine the impact of behavioral, educational, clinical and developmental practices and service models used with individuals on the autism spectrum from birth through age 21. NCAEP reviewed research studies published from 2012-2017 and in 2020 published their new report on EBPs identified between 1990-2017.  





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EBP Case Studies developed by the Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (CSESA)

Online case studies that apply specific evidence-based practices to high school students with ASD.