The NPDC Model

The NPDC Model

The NPDC created and refined a model for addressing the learning needs of individual learners.

The NPDC model has three components:

Throughout the assessment, implementation, and outcomes components of the NPDC model, coaching can be used to enhance the implementation of EBPs, increase the effectiveness of assessments, and promote positive outcomes for learners.

Each component of the model is explained and links are provided to an assortment of supportive learning materials and resources.

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Real World Application of Evidence-Based Practices for Student Outcomes: Certification in the National Professional Development on Autism Model

This interactive training session provides real-world application of evidence-based practices in your setting. The National Professional Development Center on Autism (NPDC) model is a research-supported framework that promotes the quality of programs and use of evidence-based practices for students with autism.

The strategies and practices shared can be used immediately in your setting to support outcomes and IEP goal attainment for students. Participants will develop an action plan for using these strategies and techniques immediately in their classrooms. At the completion of the training, participants will be certified in the NPDC Model and receive 1.6 hours of CEUs.

To learn more and register, visit the NPDC training page.