Coaching Resources

Coaching with Evidence-based Practices

Coaching is a key ingredient of the NPDC model to enhance the implementation of EBPs, facilitate the assessment of learners, and to evaulate the effectiveness of selected EBPs. The NPDC has created a Coaching Manual, Coaching Logs, a Coaching Presentation, and Coaching videos to support the use of coaching.

Resources for Coaching

Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual supports practitioners’ implementation of evidence-based practices by describing the roles and responsibilities of coaches, types of coaching, elements of effective coaching, and guidelines for providing content on coaching through professional development.

Coaching Log

The Coaching Log is used by the coach and inviting partner to document the cyclical and evolving process of coaching and its outcomes.

Coaching Presentation

The Coaching presentation is designed to be presented in about 1 hour. The presentation details information from the Coaching Manual combined with experiential learning activities.

Coaching Videos

The NPDC developed videos to support self-study and the development of professional development supports for others.