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Phase IV: EBPs for Students

12. Teams develop Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)

Individual learner performance is measured using goal attainment scaling (GAS). As used by the NPDC, goal attainment scaling (GAS) is a system for assessing the amount of progress that learners with ASD make on select goals over an academic year.

mop chevronPurpose: 

to identify discrete priority outcomes for targeted students for the purposes of program planning, identification of target EBP, and progress monitoring


Three goals per target student



13. Teams determine targeted EBP

Identifying and selecting the most appropriate evidence-based practices for the learning goals of an individual learner is an important step in the instructional process. This decision is based on a number of factors including the evidence-based practices available, consideration of the individual learner, and preferences of the team of professionals who will be implementing the practices.

mop chevronPurpose:

To select EBP that will be targeted across the year


Using information from: IEP goals/GAS, APERS, EBP Checklist
Team decides on 2-3 EBP that will be the focus of their work across the academic year


14. Baseline data are collected

Several different types of baseline data are collected in early fall of the year of the partnership and/or the spring and summer prior to the partnership year. Because data collection procedures are more complicated for administration of the APERS and Goal Attainment Scaling, these timelines are addressed under each of these sections and not here.

mop cheveronPurpose:

To identify the level of implementation of EBP in classrooms and parents' satisfaction prior to beginning work


Target student EBP checklist (how many EBP being used at the start of the academic year);

Baseline implementation checklists (degree of fidelity of targeted EBP);

Family demographic survey (for each target student);

Family program questionnaire (degree of satisfaction with aspects of their child’s programming).


Samples Forms:

Note: May be started in spring and finished in early fall