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Phase VI: Planning for Second Year


18. NPDC staff continues contact with state leadership

Throughout the first year, NPDC staff is in contact with the state leadership team.

mop chevronPurpose:

To track progress and to urther develop the strategic plan, to begin plans for the next Summer Institute and expansion site selection


Procedures varied:

IAPG is reconvened, either in person or via conference call

New group  (or reduced group, compared to original IAPG)of important state players is convened


None available

19. Expansion sites are identified

As mentioned, discussions about identifying expansion sites takes place within the state leadership team during the interagency planning group meetings.

mop chevronPurpose:

To identify additional sites within the state to expand the model Year 2

Procedure: (varied)

State liaison and state leadership identified sites
Initial model site teams identified expansion sites within their own districts


None available
Note: Please see the end of this timeline for information related to the development of expansion sites.