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Year Two: Expansion Sites are Added

In Year Two of the state partnerships, additional school sites are identified. These sites complete the same cycle of activities as the initial model sites; however, the state takes a more active role in carrying out the different components of the process. For example, state technical assistance providers administer the APERS in expansion sites, with support from their NPDC team members provided as necessary.

During Year Two, the expansion site teams benefit from hearing about the experiences of Year One teams (e.g., during the summer institute). Team members from the first year sites are often actively involved in presenting at the summer institute and sharing their first-hand experiences of implementing EBP in classrooms. By having local TAs and coaches more actively involved in the second year, the process is sustainable and continues to build momentum, even after direct NPDC support is no longer provided. 

Beginning with identification of expansion sites, the same timeline is followed as was with initial model sites, including the following activities:

  • Consent forms are completed
  • Evidence-based Practice Inventory is completed prior to starting the online course
  • Team members take online course
  • Target students are identified
  • Pre-APERS is completed
  • Summer Institute is planned and offered by state team
  • Goal Attainment Scaling is done on priority student goals
  • Targeted EBP for each team are determined
  • Baseline data are collected
  • Coaching structure and personnel support expansion teams
  • NPDC supports coaches through monthly calls
  • NPDC mid-year visits are scheduled if needed
  • Post APERS is completed
  • End-of-year data are collected

Differences between Year 1 and Year 2 include:

  • State-level staff typically complete APERS
  • State carries responsibility of funding the summer institute
  • NPDC mid-year onsite visits typically do not occur unless requested
  • State leadership team focuses on developing plans for sustainability and expansion after state’s partnership with the NPDC ends