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 MODULE: Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 

With What Ages Is PECS Most Effective?

Research has shown that PECS is effective with preschool and elementary children across a variety of home, school, and community settings (e.g., Yoder & Stone, 2006; Howlin, Gordon, Pasco, Wade, & Charman, 2007). For more information about the evidence base for PECS, see the reference list in the Resources section. While most of the research in this area has been completed with younger children, there is some evidence that it also works with students in middle school (Charlop-Christy, Carpenter, Le, LeBlanc, & Kellet, 2002). Additional research supports the effectiveness of PECS with adult learners (Chambers & Rehfeldt, 2003; Rehfeldt & Root, 2005; Stoner et al., 2006).

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