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 MODULE: Prompting

Why Use Prompting?

Prompting, sometimes referred to as an errorless learning method, includes a set of procedures designed to reduce incorrect responding as learners acquire new skills. The prompting procedures outlined in this module help learners with ASD use target skills correctly and minimize the negative effects that they may experience when target skills are not used successfully (Kurt & Tekin-Iftar, 2008; Mueller, Palkovic, & Maynard, 2007; West & Billingsley, 2005). This is particularly important for learners with ASD because they often have difficulty learning new skills through imitation and by extracting meaning from tasks (e.g., understanding the most important or relevant details of a task). Therefore, learners with ASD often require direct instruction to learn key social, communication, adaptive, and cognitive skills, which can limit their ability to generalize the use of newly acquired skills to a variety of environments and individuals (National Research Council, 2001). Prompting is an efficient and effective way to provide instruction to learners with ASD that maximizes their success and increases their generalized use of target skills. 

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