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 MODULE: Parent-Implemented Intervention

Who Can Benefit Most From Parent-Implemented Intervention?

Parent-implemented intervention can be used by parents of children with ASD in the home or community. A number of outcomes can result from parent-implemented intervention, with improved learner outcomes being the ultimate goal. In addition, parent-implemented intervention can provide benefits to the parents and/or family members by increasing parental confidence, reducing stress, and improving parent-child interactions. Parent-implemented intervention may have an enduring effect on the entire family.
Parent-implemented intervention also provides benefits to team members who support learners with ASD. Team members can collaborate with parents to develop appropriate goals and intervention plans that promote optimal development and learning. Through parent-team member collaboration, parent-implemented intervention leads to more comprehensive and effective treatment because it provides intervention in multiple environments with multiple opportunities for learning, as well as generalization of skills (Levy, Kim, & Olive, 2006).

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