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 MODULE: Prompting

Summary for Prompting

Prompting procedures include any help given to learners that assists them in using a specific skill. Prompts are generally given by an adult or peer before or as a learner attempts to use a skill. Prompting can be used to teach a variety of skills, including seeking information, pointing to objects, identifying numbers/objects, and remaining “on task.” The use of prompting procedures increases the probability that learners with ASD use target skills correctly. With prompting procedures, team members systematically provide and remove prompts so that learners begin to perform skills independently. The prompting procedures outlined in this module include least-to-most prompting, graduated guidance, and simultaneous prompting. Within the prompting procedures, different types of prompts (i.e., gestural, verbal, visual, model, physical) are used in a variety of ways to help learners with ASD acquire target skills. To ensure that learners with ASD do not become dependent upon prompts, they should be faded as quickly as possible.

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