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 MODULE: Pivotal Response Training (PRT)

Introduction to Pivotal Response Training

Pivotal Response Training (PRT) is a method of systematically applying the scientific principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to teach learners with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). PRT builds on learner initiative and interests, and it is particularly effective for developing communication, language, play, and social behaviors. PRT was developed to create a more efficient and effective intervention by enhancing four pivotal learning variables: motivation, responsivity to multiple cues, self-management, and social initiations. According to theory, these skills are pivotal because they are the foundational skills upon which learners with ASD can make widespread and generalized improvements in many other areas.

This module contains various section that provide (a) an overview of PRT, (b) descriptions of who can implement PRT and the types of learners with which it can be used, (c) detailed guidelines for implementing PRT with children and youth with ASD, and (d) answers to frequently asked questions regarding PRT.

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