Proposed Activities With States

During the two year involvement with selected states, the Center will offer the following:

  • Strategic planning with key stakeholders in the state
  • Technical assistance visits to support implementation of evidence based practices; to provide on-site consultation to state and model sites; and to measure child, family, and practitioner outcomes
    • 2-3 visits in Year 1
    • 2 visits in Year 2
  • Professional development/training for state autism training team
    • On-line course on basics of ASD and the foundations of intervention
    • Intensive 5 day summer training in Year 1
    • Support for intensive state training in Year 2
  • Resources to extend training, TA, and support for model sites and autism training team
    • Evidence-based practice briefs and modules
    • Listserv membership
    • Monthly discussion forums
    • Management of Foundations of ASD online course
  • Evaluation and data collection to assess use of project resources, professional development and technical assistance, evidence based practices, as well as child, family, and practitioner outcomes
  • Activities will be tailored to each state's individual needs.

State Responsibilities

  • Participation in development of state interagency professional development plan
  • Resources and infrastructure for professional development and technical assistance
  • Identification of a lead person to serve as a liaison to the Center
  • Willingness to cost share
  • Commitment to collaborate with Center to increase capacity to implement evidence-based practices for children with ASD and their families