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 MODULE: Parent-Implemented Intervention


With parent-implemented intervention, parents directly use individualized intervention practices with their child in the home or community to improve learner performance.

  • Parent-implemented intervention can be used with young learners with ASD.
  • Parent-implemented intervention can be used to increase communication skills and reduce interfering behaviors.
  • Families and team members collaborate to develop and carry out all steps of the process in order to facilitate the optimal development and learning of the learner and address concerns and priorities of families.
  • Team members and parents outline observable and measurable goals for the learner that (a) address areas of concern, (b) will have a positive impact on family functioning, (c) parents can implement with consistency, and (d) are appropriate for parents to implement in the home and/or community settings.
  • In addition to learner goals, it may be helpful to outline goals for parents and family members to achieve during the instructional and training process.
  • An individualized intervention plan is created that is designed to address the learner, parent, and family goals. The intervention plan (a) considers parents’ routines and practices, (b) incorporates intervention in the natural routine to the maximum extent possible, (c) utilizes evidence based practices, and (d) includes practices that will not cause additional stress.
  • Parents are taught how to implement the intervention through an individualized parent training program that incorporates an assortment of training components designed to educate and instruct.
  • As parents implement the intervention, team members monitor both learner progress and parents’ implementation of the intervention and adapt the intervention plan as needed.
  • As parents demonstrate mastery over the intervention, team members help parents enhance positive gains and generalize to other behaviors through collaborative problem-solving.

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