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MODULE: Parent-Implemented Intervention

Introduction to Parent-Implemented Intervention

Parents who implement interventions with fidelity typically see a wide range of benefits. First, parents tend to see increased positive behaviors in their child with ASD. Additionally, they themselves often experience increased confidence in parenting and reduced stress. Parent-implemented intervention may have enduring and profound effects on the entire family.

Given the intensive and unique needs of children with ASD, it is often beneficial and even necessary for parents to implement intervention strategies in the home or community environment. With parent-implemented intervention, parents provide positive learning opportunities for their child with ASD. Parent-implemented intervention can be used to improve a variety of child skills in the home or community. Most notably, it can be used to (a) increase communication in children with ASD and (b) reduce interfering behavior. As noted, a number of outcomes can result from parent-implemented intervention. While the focus will likely be child behavior or skills, improvements can also emerge in parent and family functioning.

As part of this module, we also provide you with relevant documents that will support your implementation of parent-implemented intervention, a reference list of evidence-based research articles, and a list of additional resources that may be beneficial as you attempt to employ parent-implemented intervention. Also, please check out forms and data collection sheets that have been developed as part of this module that are located in the documents section. These materials are designed to help you make more informed decisions about the implementation of the practice with individual learners with ASD and to evaluate learner progress.

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