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 MODULE: Parent-Implemented Intervention

How Is Parent-Implemented Intervention Conducted?

Parent-implemented intervention consists of six essential steps:

  1. determine the strengths, needs, and priorities of the family,
  2. select goals,
  3. develop the intervention plan,
  4. train parents,
  5. implement the intervention, and
  6. monitor progress.

For parent-implemented intervention to be successful, collaboration between the team member and parents is critical. Team members use family-centered planning in each step of the process. Family-centered planning is based on collaborations between families and professionals that facilitate the optimal development of the learner and address the concerns and priorities of families. When using family centered practices, parents are not only involved in the process, but are empowered to make meaningful decisions.

The step-by-step instructions that follow provide an in-depth description of each step needed to effectively use parent-implemented intervention.

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