Course Content for Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders

The National Professional Development Center on ASD has developed foundational information on Autism Spectrum Disorders including recommended and evidence-based practices for early identification and diagnosis, as well as for intervention and education. This information was originally developed in 2008 as an online course, Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders, for Autism Training Team members and others in states with which the National Professional Development Center on ASD partners.

We are making the content of this course available to increase knowledge about Autism Spectrum Disorders and the challenges individuals with ASD encounter. The content of the course is foundational and is divided among the following eight sessions. Content material for each session can be downloaded as narrative readings.

Foundations of Autism Spectrum Disorders Online Course Content

Session 1: Understanding Pervasive Developmental Disorders and ASD

Session 2: Characteristics of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Session 3: Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Session 4: Guiding Principles

Session 5: Factors that Affect Learning and Development

Session 6: Instructional Strategies and Learning Environments

Session 7: Foundations of Communication and Social Interventions

Session 8: Promoting Positive Behavior and Reducing Interfering Behaviors