First COP online discussion begins February 1, 2010

The community of practice supported by the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) aims to bring together technical assistance providers, teachers, and related service personnel from model sites who all have a shared interest in better serving learners with ASD. This community of practice will offer an online forum to discuss shared interests, experiences, activities, and goals; form collegial partnerships; and discuss problems and solutions. Each month, a new discussion will be initiated based on a topic identified by you.

To learn more about the community discussion forum and to participate in the discussion, first log in as a state partner, and then visit our Community of Practice webpage.

Note: This February discussion is only for technical assistance providers who are supporting NPDC model sites. If you are a technical assistance provider supporting a model site and have not received a user name and password via email, please contact us at autismpdc@unc.edu.