The Coaching Process: Igloo

Video Introduction: The following video clips (The Coaching Process: Igloo Parts 1 & 2) were designed to show a pre-observation conference, observation, and post-observation conference. In the first video clip (Part 1 - 8:29 minutes), two NPDC staff play the role of "coach" and "inviting partner". Following a pre-observation conference, the viewer is shown a brief clip of a classroom observation.

In the second video clip (Part 2 - 7:16 minutes), the same two staff engage in a post-observation conference based on the classroom observation. These video clips could be used in training as a demonstration of the coaching process, or could be used to practice filling out and using the coaching log.


Igloo - Part 1 (8:29 minutes)


Igloo - Part 2 (7:16 minutes)

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