What are the Goals of this Project?

image of girl on slide The project goals are organized around four content areas: content development, professional development, technical assistance, and evaluation. Content Development involves translating information about evidence-based practices for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) into resources for service providers. Professional Development entails providing training to state professional development providers and practitioners, as well as establishing training sites that model evidence-based practices in participating states. Technical Assistance includes providing ongoing site-based training and establishing a network of professional development sites, trainees, and professional consultants. Evaluation involves collecting follow-up data on the use of evidence-based practices, practitioner skills, and child and family outcomes.

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Why is Professional Development on Autism Spectrum Disorders Important?

The number of children identified with ASD is rapidly increasing. The prevalence of ASD has increased from 1 in 5,000a in the 1980’s to between 1 in 91b and 1 in 150a in 2009. The number of children with ASD served in preschools, elementary, and high schools multiplied nearly nine times between 1995 and 2007c. While the number of children identified with ASD increases, so does what we know about effective educational practices for students with ASD. There is an emerging base of evidence about effective educational practices for students with ASD. However, many of these evidence-based practices have not yet reached school classrooms.

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